Amsterdam,New York Area

​Sabrina McGillis Blowers (DJ Goddess), I have been Djing since I was a kid (school functions, friends parties, etc.), but professionally for about 8 years. My name “Goddess” was given to me in high school from my best friend, it stuck and has been me throughout my life. I was a bartender for about three years and grew up with some smaller named DJs that made me believe in myself and motivated me to start my business. One of my bestest friends made up my business card that became another huge motivation booster to keep me going. I am a mother of three little girls, so i am a very busy on the go lady. I love and appreciate every job i am blessed with large or small! I grew up in Upstate NY and still live there. I have had a love for music my whole life (very wide variety that grows by the day). I do everything from backyard BBQ’s, bars, sweet 16’s, and Weddings, plus more! I work hard for you the moment you make the decision to book with me. I am always ready for a challenge, so new ideas are always welcome. I also prepare your events with you. I am self taught and love learning.​

​Sabrina McGillis Blowers